Our Activities
Training of Cambodian Climbers
ACN trains Cambodian climbers and instructors. Until 2018, 11 instructors who were trained in ACN are active in Cambodia. 2 of them got the instructor certification from Southeast Asia Climbing Federation. 2 of them got the certification of routesetters and are working in Phnom Climb Community Gym.
Assisting Administration of
Cambodia Climbing Federation

If Cambodian climber want to join the international competition, we need to have federation. Now a Cambodian leader established Cambodia Climbing Federation, ACN is supporting to administrate. ACN had been 10 years since established, Cambodia climbers getting more chance to participate the international competitions.
Training in Japan
ACN had training course in Japan. There are a lot of big and difficult walls in Japanese gyms which Cambodian climbers haven't experienced in Cambodia. We should know climbing walls for international competitions. And we also should know administration way of competition.
Organize Insurance System
We accumulate donations on the supposition the accidents. Our goal is Cambodians have own fraternal insurance.
Administration of climbing gym
We build a wall in Siem Reap. The customers are increasing but we can not manage without donation now. We are aiming to operate it with money from customers.