"Want to climb"
"Want to see the view from higher place"

We, human being have these emotions originally.
ACN are assisting children live in Siem Reap Cambodia through climbing activities.

Climbing is good activity for children.

Not competition, but harmony
Not just be ordered, but think themselves
Not superiority, but fun to beyond one's limits...
Children can learn these naturally through Climbing.

Schools in Cambodia don't have time to teach such things.
We are small NGO, but we would like to assist for Cambodian future.

We believe the power of Climbing.

ACN (Angkor Climbers Net)
ACN (Angkor Climbers Net) was established by Cambodians and Japanese people
who are working in the town of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, on February 2008.
From August 2014, ACN was registered to NPO in Japan.

1) Assist children in Cambodia to grow healthy through sports climbing.
2) Assist ACN Cambodian climbers activities until they be able to grow Cambodian climbers continuously.
Sports in Cambodia
When we started our organization in 2008, sports in cambodia is only for gambling. After that many countries assisted sports in Cambodia, it is getting better.
For under developing countries, it is difficult to do sports under rules neatly. It’s necessary to know how developed countries administrate fair sports under fair rules.
Food, clothes, house and medical treat...
these are necessary things to live. Developed countries are assisting these things mainly.
Because we think these are important things for people not to die.

Off course these are important.
But we think humanity can not live only these.
Money is necessary thing to live but it's just tool and it can not give us happiness.
Mature society knows that entertainment and fun activity time make people to be rich.

In under developing countries, children need to be adult earlier.
They should start working. Some of them start when they are 10 years old.
They are to be adult before they have fun hobby or think themselves.

Not competition, but harmony,
Not just be ordered, but think themselves,
Not superiority, but fun to beyond one's limits,
We would like to learn about these together.

Climbing is fair and resourceful,
I believe this activity grow people be thoughtful and broad perspective.
Climbers always are acting based on harmony with nature and people living in their activity area.
The possibilities which children get through climbing will be the power of living better life.

By Tadao Ito
former representative of ACN

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