About Cambodia

Civil war and Genocide
From 1970's to 1980's, there was long civil war in Cambodia. Especially the Cambodian genocide age (1975-79), many higher educated people such like teachers, doctors and monks has been killed, Cambodia lost more than 20% of that population, many books and Buddhist scriptures has been burned.
The Government forcibly relocated the urban population to the countryside to work on collective farms. Many farmers also were forced to move another village and did forced labor.
After that government collapsed, the civil war hasn't stopped. It was not easy way to reconstruct this country.
In 1993, finally, they did election and started to reconstruct. People is still under the fears of land mines, unexploded ordnance, drought, flood, epidemic disease and AIDS.

There no opportunity
to do sports for children in Cambodia.

Have you belonged to sports club during your school days ? If you had such opportunity, it made you great capacity. The experience of sports must have made your body and mind stronger, given you chance to have great friends. Sports are great growth assistance for children.
Cambodian schools are busy to teach basic things and they can not afford to do sports. For developed countries, children are easy to start sports, but for under developing countries, it is difficult.